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The company was named a 2014 CEO Innovations Design and Engineering Award Nominee for its product.

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This means you will be given alerts of possible fires even when you are miles away from home.

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Medical conditions are a real concern for many homeowners and many home alarm companies offer medical alert pendants or emergency pulls.

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Aside from those, below are additional Pros and Cons.

residential security system

I love how instantaneous the notification is. As soon as an unfamiliar face comes into the camera’s line of vision, I’m notified and can decide how to proceed from there. But the coolest feature of the Netatmo’s artificial intelligence is its integration with Facebook messenger. Just as you would type to a friend, you can ask a Facebook bot when people entered and exited your home. I love this feature because it takes something that you probably already use, Facebook messenger, and links it with the Netatmo Welcome to create a seamless customer experience. To learn more, read our Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security camera review.

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Although home security can be expensive, it does not have to be costly to be effective.

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